We offer old fashioned "small town America" service

in a full-aspect automotive machine shop. From pressure testing the head from an old Escort, to building the power plant for a 9-second GTO, we specialize in quality and timely service. No job is too small for our complete attention.

All of our engines are custom built for each application. We don't feel the "crate motor" approach to engine building is the best solution for the discerning customer. From a stock restoration to a full-out race engine, every car is different. While there are certain aspects of all engines within a family that stay constant, a subtle change can make the difference between a "good" engine and a GREAT engine.


Our lead machinist is Jim Lehart

an ASE Master Engine Builder with more than twenty years experience. Many of you in the Pontiac "world" already know him as Mr. P-Body. Jim is a veteran of the street machine wars of Southern California in the late '60s and early '70s. His GTOs were known as a force not to be taken lightly during a time of complete disrespect to the Pontiac nameplate.

A modern automotive engine builder must be versed in all makes of engines. While our personal favorite is the Pontiac V8 (we affectionately refer to it as "The Injun Engine"), we are not limited to only Pontiacs. We take great pride in our ability to build a quality restoration or a monster truck engine of any make. We build competitive circle track Small Block Chevys. We build powerful street machine Big Block Chevys. We have trophy winning Dodges and Fords. There are even a few 600 HP Buicks out there with our "name" on them!