engine kit

Engine Kits Available

2.8/3.1/3.4 GM V6 (OHV); 302 (Chevrolet); 305 (Chevrolet); 326; 327 (Chevrolet); 350 (Pontiac or Chevrolet); 389; 396 (Chevrolet); 400 (Ram Air III and Ram Air IV engines included, Eagle "stroker" kits also available); 400 (Chevrolet); 421 (standard and HO); 427 (Chevrolet); 428; 454 (Chevrolet); 455 (standard, HO and SD engines); 505 (Pontiac)*

* With the growing popularity of the aftermarket block and heads now available for high-end Pontiac owners, we also provide "kits" for the larger bore sizes, on an individual order basis.

These kits range in price, depending on application and options chosen. We have gone to great lengths to assure only the highest quality parts are included in these kits. There is no compromise to make them "cheaper". At CVMS, we have no quarrel with those that sell for less. They know the value of their product...


Central Virginia Machine offers high quality engine kits for you to build a good motor without having to do all the research for components. These engine kits contain all the necessary parts to do a high quality rebuild on your Pontiac engine, with "known quantity" results.

All kits contain the following components:

Federal Mogul Power Forged pistons (TRW) dished for desired compression ratio
Sealed Power, Hastings or Speed Pro "moly" rings
Sealed Power, Speed Pro or Melling high volume oil pump & screen
CVMS hardened oil pump drive shaft for Pontiac, Speed Pro high performance oil pump driveshaft for Chevrolet
Federal Mogul or Clevite rod and main bearings (for your specified undersize)
Federal Mogul or Dura Bond cam bearings
Sealed Power or Felpro complete gasket set (Victor/Reinz for "correct" restorations)
Comp Extreme Energy camshaft and lifters (selected for your application)
Comp, Howard's or Sealed Power valve springs (matched to camshaft)
Comp or Speed Pro"true" roller timing set
Pioneer brass expansion plugs 
Pioneer harmonic balancer ('68 and newer Pontiac, most Chevrolet)
Pioneer flexplate (automatic transmission only)
ARP rod bolts and nuts/span>
BOP rear main seal (Viton, Pontiac only)

oil pan reinforcement kit (for rear lip, Pontiac only)
PlastiKote Engine Enamel in your choice of colors (3 cans)
Assembly lube
Instruction and specification sheet

These kits are NOT designed for racing engines. They are strictly for the resto and street performance customer. For the concourse restorer, stock replacement camshafts and pistons are available.

With these kits, you can build a high quality, high performance motor, by simply following all conventions of V8 engine building. All the motor specific research is incorporated in the kit. A complete description of desired clearances and settings will be included in the kit.

Due to the specialized nature of these kits, and the component combinations, the sale price may appear to be higher than that of a "rebuilder" kit. You will have everything you need in one box. No last minute chasing for that "odd" component. You will also have the peace of mind knowing a true motor shop prepared the entire package.

Special bolt options are available. These kits are designed with the use of your original bolts in mind (except the rod bolts). ARP are the prefered brand available.

Other options include Eagle H-beam rods, SI stainless steel valves in popular sizes, and upgraded valve train components from Comp. For Chevrolet engines, hyper-eutectic pistons are available for most applications.