Dirty Bird attended the Little Guy Nationals May 16, 2009 and the car performed flawlessly. Again, it set a new "record". 6.52 @ 213.1 But that's not the "big" news! We FINALLY got in a real race. Dave had been saying he enjoyed this "test pilot thing", but "I wanna get in a dogfight!" He got his wish. Against another Firebird-bodied A/FC. But this one had a 528 CID Hemi in it! We new we were out-gunned, but you still gotta "race the race".

Dave's reaction time in the first round was a .010! And that's on a "pro" tree. He left the Hemi car flat-footed. Their 6.40 @ 216 wasn't good enough to run him down. SO... Pontiac - 1, Hemi - 0.

Between rounds, we checked the lash and read a couple plugs. We refueled and hooked up the battery charger. Dave changed one of the "pills" (jet) in the Enderle system. Then we sat around, drank soda and water, talked a bit and toured the rest of the car show. The other team changed the blower pulley, the spark plugs, timing and pills. They weren't about to let it happen again.

Round 2, Dave "treed" 'em again! This time it was .007. But the Hemi was making more power. Their 6.33 @ 219 was enough to catch and pass (by about a fender) Dave's 6.55 @ 212.9. Final score Pontiac - 1, Hemi - 1.

All in all, a good "omen", winning the first race ever, and to a Hemi at that!

This car runs on alcohol...